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11m/SWL - Radio station
dxcc Italy
Grid: JN45PN
Reception of WEFAX transmissions on shortwaves
Occasionally I will set my station to decode Marine wefax transmissions received on HF bands. As this won't be done very often please notice that a wefax appearing in the below window may not be recent, and it may not be updated for a long time. When reception is started instead it will be real-time and will occur on the frequencies listed below this reception window. Software used here is JVComm32 and SSTV/HF-FAX Robotator v1.3.
Here are some Wefax stations  you can try to receive yourself; set your receiver to USB then tune it 1.9KHz down the frequency of your interest.
2618.5  KHz           GYA      NORTHWOOD - UK     10KW
4610 KHz               GYA      NORTHWOOD - UK     10KW
6933.9 KHz            GYA      NORTHWOOD - UK     10KW
8040 KHz               GYA      NORTHWOOD - UK     10KW
11086.5 KHz           GYA      NORTHWOOD - UK     10KW
3855 KHz              DDH3        HAMBURG     -D      10KW
7880 KHz              DDK3        HAMBURG     -D      20KW
13882.5 KHz          DDK3        HAMBURG     -D      20KW
5336  KHz             RBW41      MURMANSK - RU   
6444.5  KHz          RBW41      MURMANSK - RU   
7908.8  KHz          RBW41      MURMANSK - RU   
10130  KHz           RBW48      MURMANSK - RU