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11m/SWL - Radio station
dxcc Italy
Grid: JN45PN
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My station equipment

In order to get started with amateur SSTV, any SSB communication receiver (RTX, if you are going to transmit) along with a good installed and matched antenna will do the trick. It's the basic hardware to buy somewhere at affordable price if you're thinking to start from scratch. I suggest you don't buy a commercial rig interface, it's about a small piece of hardware you can easily build yourself. My newest all-mode interface is opto-isolated with PTT control input, and includes a CAT module that I built around the MAX232 IC (USB-Powered). In my shack among other things I have a Kenwood TS950S Digital, a TS940SAT, a TS140S. I also have a Yaesu YO-100 (Monitor Scope), an antenna tuner, a Daiwa CN801HP (SWR/PWR meter), and the aforementioned homebrew AFSK/CAT interface for digimodes. In addition, I chained some outboard rack units from Behringer along with a tube preamp and a condenser studio microphone. All gear is used in conjunction with my TS950 in order to shape audio, to enhance fidelity by extending transmitted voice on a 3100Hz max bandwidth (eSSB 3K00J3E). Computer is AMD A4-3400 running GNU/Linux and Windows 11 64bit, with 8GB of RAM. I also have built a 1-meter mag loop, which is mainly used for reception in high QRM situations and placed a 5/8 wavelength vertical antenna at the very top of my roof, about 90 feet above the ground.


MMSSTV by Makoto Mori, JE3HHT, (freeware)  GREAT SW, you can't even ask for better. (That's IMHO)

HRDeluxe by Simon Brown (HB9DRV) has Digital Master, powerful logging features and much more. Starting from v6 the software suite is no longer available for free.

ROS by José Alberto Ros, EA5HV (freeware) - A well-tested digital mode working very fine with weak signals.

SSTV/HF-FAX Robotator by 1SFØ72 (freeware) - A new application that automatically posts your received SSTV images on websites.