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Welcome to SSTV/HF-FAX Robotator

An x86-64 application to upload automatically SSTV and WeFAX images to websites, expressly written for last generation computers.

While building my website I was wondering which software would upload and 'rotate' my pics once received. Surfing the Web I have found no more than two 'ready-to-use' solutions largely implemented by most of the hams on the Internet; in the meanwhile Microsoft Windows 8 was about to be released. So I thought I could write myself my own application and SSTV Robotator is what I have created. Robotator is a particular ftp client I have developed in Visual Studio, designed to run smoothly on newest machines. Initially its purpose was to update continuosly a user-defined number of SSTV pictures uploaded to a web server but today Robotator can also do this for WeFAX images as this feature recently has been added to the project.

This program will run seamlessly onto
Windows 11 (x64) machines, as well as Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows Vista, 32 or 64-bit versions. As of 2014 Windows XP is no longer supported.

SSTV/HF-FAX Robotator is a small stand-alone executable program, it requires no admin credentials and no system installation to run. Robotator also won't write garbage to system registry and does not create junk files. It has some neat features built in:  On-Air Assistant will report to your web page On-Air/Off-Air status automatically, when you launch and when you quit the application. You can actually display plenty of information such as band, frequency, reception details, auto slant status, timezones, and you can even enable Robotator to launch your favorite SSTV or WeFAX software. Robotator is FREEWARE  for personal use and when I say *freeware* I mean it's totally offered for free: No fees, no registration required, no donation requests, and, of course, no ads, no malware, no bloatware, no b*****it, as long as you'll get original executable files from *THIS WEBSITE*.  As this program costed me several working hours spent on my computer there are anyway only a few things I'm asking you in return, if you like and will use the software.

- A link to my site on your web page for example, or at least a mention would be appreciated, nice and respectful. I'm also asking you not to host Robotator for download on other websites; in no event and for no reason I will guarantee for files downloaded from other sites. I have NOT created this application to easily raise someone else's profits, so commercial use is strictly prohibited. Last, do not claim or pretend to be the software author (me) and do not use my application(s)  to harass other people (I will have no liability whatsoever). In other words, use my software "as-is", with pure ham spirit and simply have fun!

Thank you for comprehending and have a good time with SSTV/HF-FAX Robotator!

SSTV/HF-FAX Robotator v1.3   © 2013  to forever, 1SFØ72. All rights reserved.
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Microsoft Windows 11 (x64 OS)
Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8
Windows 7 SP1, Windows Vista SP2,
.NET Framework 4.5.1
DOWNLOAD SSTV/HF-FAX ROBOTATOR 1.3 x86-64 (executable file + manual, compressed zip archive)
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         PLEASE NOTE:

SSTV/HF-FAX Robotator itself does not decode any pictures! (your reception software will). It simply uploads to websites SSTV or WeFAX images received by your radio once they get stored locally.
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