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Interfacing - AFSK/FSK/CAT interface for kenwood radios

...'Code name'? YAIFDM v4.0 - (Yet Another Interface For Digital Modes)  -by 1SFØ72If you are curious about my all-mode interface you're in the right place but keep in mind that all radio interfaces are pretty similar today so I invented nothing new. My own interface appears more complex compared to many others because it also includes CAT control and audio stages with mic preamp, compressor, notch equalizer, and other built-in circuits so that one can easily switch between voice/digimodes. In fact it only uses rear rig connectors but may accept different mics; this interface also has remote PTT input. I'm releasing "in the wild" only some schematics and not the entire project of my interface, at the moment at least, because I made most of the circuits "on the fly" without drawing them on pc. I made the whole project myself using just through-hole components and what I already had in my house. I made only what I needed and considered suitabale for my station, improving my project day by day until YAIFDM v4.0 was born. Have a glance but remember that what is good for me may not be good for you. Happy interfacing and VY 73. 

Control switch circuits (keyers):                        [Click on schematics then use CTRL+X+mouse wheel to zoom]
afsk/fsk diagram


This is the opto-isolated CAT circuit I build around a MAX232 I.C. - In a few words it's a SERIAL-TO-TTL level converter, *REQUIRED* to control some Kenwood radios. NOTICE: Not all kenwood rigs can use this circuit; that's only for few models designed to work with the old (and discontinued) IF-232.
CAT diagram


Block diagram (only) of my entire project and groud uncoupling 
YAIFDM 4.0 block diagram


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